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Is your brand delivering on the three types of customer goals?

Most brands deliver on one or more functional, emotional, and social goals to help customers thrive in their lives.

We explored 154 brands and learned:

  • Brands that deliver across all 3 types of customer goals stand to gain the greatest future revenue
  • Only 6% of brands studied are delivering on all areas of customer goals
  • 20% of studied brands are laggards, failing to deliver across all types of customer goals

Discover which archetype your brand resembles most.


In this infographic, you'll learn:


The Connection Between Customer Goals and Brand Performance

We explored 154 brands across industries and uncovered the distinct connection between delivery on customer goals and future revenue growth.

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The 6 Brand Archetypes of
Customer Goal Delivery

Archetypes demonstrate how brands are delivering on what matters most to customers and how brands need to evolve their strategies to delivery across all goals. 

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Practical Guidance to Move Your
Brand Up the Archetype Ladder

This infographic provides a sneak peak into 18 brands that fit into one of the six categories, with customer perspectives to help brands improve their strategies. 

The path to business growth is paved through customer centricity.
Organizations today are learning to put the same discipline toward maximizing the value they deliver to
customers as they do towards reaping value from them, while understanding the relationship between the two.

Companies that strive to be customer centric will rise to challenge the status quo by incorporating
new metrics into their decision-making playbook—ones that are defined from the vantage point of the customer.
To be sure, CPIs are complementary and accretive to KPIs. Used in tandem, organizations will be in a position
to move beyond legacy mindsets that have curtailed business growth for years.


Vex: A New Model for Customer-Centered Growth

The Vex Model offers an analytical model of value exchange, connecting the dots between Customer Performance Indicators (CPIs) and business outcomes. At its core, the Vex Model pinpoints which CPIs, or combination of CPIs, will result in the greatest revenue lift when effectively delivered upon.

Download our introductory whitepaper to learn more about how the Vex Model works. 

Grow Your Future Customer Value Through CPIs | Customer Centricity Awards

In this Discovery Session, Camille Nicita & Sam Herzing show how this direct relationship drives a reciprocal value exchange among customers and corporations, and more explicitly:

  • Discover how Customer Performance Indicators (CPIs) are complementary to KPIs
  • Explore how focusing on top-priority CPIs can result in increased Future Customer Value 
  • Get a glimpse into the brand-specific and best-in-class findings that Vex Reports provide

“The Value Exchange Model provides executives with the confidence to quite literally link their performance on customer goals with specific business outcomes to facilitate revenue growth."

Camille Nicita
     President & CEO, Gongos Inc.