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Practical Habits for Fostering a More Customer-Centric Culture

Knowing and acting on customer needs is perhaps the most important competitive advantage an organization can build. And while most organizations claim to be customer-centric, few are able to translate their purpose into day-to-day operations and catalyze customer centricity into growth.

In partnership with HBR Analytics, we will explore the relationship between a customer-centric purpose and its impact on the customer experience—and bottom line. In this session, learn what “customer-committed companies” are doing differently as they live out their purpose, and find meaningful ways you can influence your organization to do the same.

In this webinar you will:

  • Get an exclusive look at how 400+ executives view the link between purpose, customer experience, and business performance
  • Learn actionable ways you can embed corporate purpose into your organization to impact better customer outcomes
  • Leave with a playbook in hand to inspire your organization to be customer-committed

Watch the webinar on-demand. 

Ways Gongos Can Support you on your Journey:

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Treat your customers as stakeholders.

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Act as a master translator between customers and business stakeholders.

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Drive internal transformation.


Claiming to be customer centric is easy. Operationalizing customer centricity into day-to-day strategy, is where many fall short. That is where we come in.


What We Solve For

Customer centricity doesn’t happen by accident. Moving from an abstract philosophy to a tangible business tactic takes understanding. Organizational alignment. And a plan for action.


Placing Customers at the Heart of your Business Strategy

Gongos partners with companies to guide and activate on customer needs. To learn more about how Gongos helps organizations navigate customer centricity, watch a short video from Camille Nicita, Managing Director North America.