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Winning in a competitive market using human-centered design

Learn how Igloo evolves from the cooler you grew up with to a household staple in a growingly competitive market. Complete the form to watch the on-demand webinar. 

In this Q&A style webinar, Patricia Salamone, Account Strategist and Greg Heist, Chief Innovation Officer, dive into Igloo’s evolution from their namesake 6-pack playmate cooler to the wider product line we now know from Igloo.

We focus on the exploratory work conducted with consumers and how this played a role in innovation and in-store experiences. Learn how human-centered design helped Igloo stretch their brand to be more than a nostalgic memory—and how those principles can be achieved at your organization.

In this webinar, you will learn how:

Igloo’s leaning into post-covid lifestyles and tagging along with consumers   
Evolved consumer experiences are impacting brands today

Nostalgic brands can stand out in a competitive market

Whatever Innovation means to you,
it starts with Human Experience


Inspired by Design Thinking 

We bring the human voice throughout the entire innovation process. 

Our roots are in customer centricity. 

Build deep empathy by focusing on consumer needs first, and test your strategies on the consumers you are designing for. 


Agile Approach to Innovation

Delivering effective workshops relies on the ability to flex and pivot when necessary. We have the experience to recognize when to shift gears to achieve optimal results and the tool kit to support it.