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Optimize Your Strategy:
Auditing Outside and Inside Influencers for your Innovation Process

Fueling a sustainable innovation pipeline means establishing an innovation process that takes into account influencers within and outside of your organization. Leveraging a human-centered design mindset, our worksheet guides you through important considerations for both, ultimately helping you identify opportunities that best align market, consumer, and business needs.

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In this worksheet, you will:

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Audit existing factors influencing your innovation process.


Identify opportunities that best align market, consumer, and business needs. 


Establish and streamline your processes to maximize efficiency and effectiveness.

"Finding your sweet spot of innovation requires anchoring ideas in every dimension that counts."


Inspired by Design Thinking 

We bring the human voice throughout the entire innovation process. 

Our roots are in customer centricity. 

Build deep empathy by focusing on consumer needs first, and test your strategies on the consumers you are designing for. 


Agile Approach to Innovation

Delivering effective workshops relies on the ability to flex and pivot when necessary. We have the experience to recognize when to shift gears to achieve optimal results and the tool kit to support it.