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Meaningful Innovation Begins with Strategic Growth Territories

Innovation should be grounded in consumer needs and market trends. Without structure, ideation can result in unactionable or misaligned ideas. This is where strategic growth territories come in. Using these territories as a guide, you can ensure your innovation ideation is focused on ownable opportunities aligned with consumer needs and market trends. 

"A strategic growth territory is an ownable space that reflects both consumer needs and where the market is going."


Inspired by Design Thinking 

We bring the human voice throughout the entire innovation process. 

Our roots are in customer centricity. 

Build deep empathy by focusing on consumer needs first, and test your strategies on the consumers you are designing for. 


Agile Approach to Innovation

Delivering effective workshops relies on the ability to flex and pivot when necessary. We have the experience to recognize when to shift gears to achieve optimal results and the tool kit to support it.