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Learn from the best of the best. See how top brands help customers achieve their goals.

Creating true value exchange is a real thing, and it leads to real growth. 

Customers’ lives are a constellation of brand interactions, and they look across the aisle to determine who and why they want to do business with. That's why it pays to understand what other best-in-class brands are doing right.

Getting mired down by industry-specific customer goals has shortsighted executive decision making for yearsdon't let it sidetrack yours. 

In this e-Book you'll get an in-depth look at how customers rely on leading brands across all categories to help them lead their best lives.

Vex: Learn from Best-in-Class Brands

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The Vex Approach: At a Glance


The Customer Metrics

Customer Performance Indicators (CPIs) represent a universal set of functional, emotional, and social goals that customers desire when doing business with a brand.


The Business Metric

Future Customer Value (FCV) represents the business KPI, comprised of Share of Wallet, Purchase Frequency, and Future Purchase Intent.


Vex Model:
The Quantifiable Link

Utilizing predictive, prescriptive, & diagnostic modeling, the Vex Model discovers the link between a brand's delivery on CPIs and FCV performance.


Vex Curve:
Growth Opportunity

The Vex Curve™ represents the growth potential for your brand. Small increases in your three most critical CPIs will drive revenue growth for your organization.

Drive Cross-Functional Impact

Product & Marketing | Inform messaging and innovation strategies to fuel your pipeline

Operations | Prioritize areas for value delivery improvements & initiatives based on relative impact on KPIs

Customer Experience | Extend CX strategy and experience management initiatives around what's most important

Finance | Identify near & far-term areas of investment to improve ROI


Infographic: Drive Growth Through Delivery on Customer Goals

Most brands deliver on one or more functional, emotional, and social goals to help customers thrive in their lives.

We explored 154 brands and learned:

  • Brands that deliver across all three types of customer goals stand to gain the greatest future revenue
  • Only 6% of brands studied are delivering on all areas of customer goals
  • 20% of studied brands are laggards, failing to deliver across all types of customer goals

Discover which archetype your brand resembles most.

Whitepaper: Value Exchange Model

Our Vex Whitepaper allows you to get an under-the-hood look at the Vex approach, and more importantly, how it can be leveraged to transform your customer-centric strategy for sustainable business growth.

In this Whitepaper, learn more about our 15 universal CPIs, the science behind the Vex Model, and explore organizational use cases to inspire your team. 


“The Value Exchange Model provides executives with the confidence to quite literally link their performance on customer goals with specific business outcomes to facilitate revenue growth."

Camille Nicita
     President & CEO, Gongos Inc.